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Instantly find the right path to increase your chances of successful immigration.

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Our Story

At Mipathia, we’re committed to making the immigration experience as simple and informative as possible because we know firsthand just how difficult it can be to move to a new country.

Find your path

Using technology to transform the way immigrants worldwide come to Canada

Mipathia’s advanced technology is used to assess your eligibility for over 100 immigration programs, while also connecting you with licensed immigration consultants, employers and schools throughout Canada.

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Apply directly to schools and jobs in Canada

If you’re an international student or a skilled worker, you can use your Mipathia profile to apply directly to jobs and schools in Canada at the click of a button.

Find your path

Why Choose Mipathia?

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Instant Results

Our free assessment tool immediately shows you the best pathways once you’ve completed your profile.

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Discover Jobs And Schools

Find and apply to schools and jobs in Canada that will support you, all at the click of a button!

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Immigration Lawyers And Consultants

Connect directly with a licensed and verified immigration lawyer or consultant for support on your journey.

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Safe Journey

We always supply accurate information, verify all professionals and provide you with 24/7 support.

Immigration Pathways

With hundreds of different immigration pathways available, there’s something for everyone.

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Study pathway

Study and stay in Canada post-graduation at any age. Mipathia can also help students find post graduation work permit (PGWP) programs at an eligible Designated Learning Institution (DLI) in Canada!

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Work pathway

Do you have skilled work experience, language ability and high education? You may be eligible to immigrate to Canada via Express Entry, or by applying for a job and obtaining a work permit.

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Business and Investments pathway

Whether you’re looking to invest in a business or start your own, Mipathia can help you come to Canada and establish your business ventures.

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Express Entry pathway

The quickest and most popular pathway connects with diverse options from Federal and Provincial immigration programs. It takes as little as six months to process via Express Entry.

How Mipathia Works

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Check your score

Check your immigration eligibility with the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) calculator by providing some simple information, including: age, education, language and work experience.

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Find Immigration Pathways

Once you’ve completed your profile, Mipathia will process your information and discover the best pathways for you, from over 100 available options.

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Contact help if needed

Get support from licensed immigration experts, schools and employers by messaging them directly on your account.

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Find jobs and schools

Find and apply to schools and jobs throughout Canada at the click of a button, increasing your chances of successful immigration.

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