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Immigrating to Canada?

Mipathia is your one-stop-shop for everything immigration including FREE immigration assessment and immigration jobs!

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Mipathia is a free platform for users from all around the world. The platform helps you post a profile that will be used to check your eligibility to immigrate, work or study in Canada. The platform also links you with credited, licensed and active service providers. Making your immigration journey as easy as possible, keeping you away from scammers and false promisers.

Mipathia’s features

Continuous updates

Mipathia is committed to providing up-to-date information about the immigration system. Your profile is always assessed according to current immigration programs in Canada.

Vetted professionals

Only licensed professionals are allowed to operate on Mipathia. The process of vetting professionals to join the Mipathia platform is rigorous. Every single professional in Canada is verified according to the regulatory bodies, and their license is checked daily for active status.

Open to global users

Mipathia operates globally. There are no restrictions based on your country of residence. All users are welcome to create a profile. Canada welcomes immigrants from around the world.

Notification system

When you create a profile on Mipathia, you will be assessed according to current active programs, and you will be notified when a new program opens that you are eligible for. Additionally, you will always be notified about updates and personal messages sent to your inbox.

Chat with professionals

Mipathia has a built-in chat system that allows you to communicate with professionals to ask questions and seek help. The website provides secured access to licensed professionals in Canada and around the world.


Connect directly with employers and recruiters all across Canada who are specifically seeking out foreign workers.

Eligibility Calculator

Once you have create a detailed profile, the system will be able to calculate, assess and provide you with a recommendation of which program you are eligible to apply for among the Federal or Provincial programs. The calculator can assess you on all points-based and criteria-based systems. The more details you input, the better assessment you receive. The FREE services will help you avoid scammers that give false promises.

Service Providers

Mipathia also offers service providers that you can connect with. All of the providers are licensed and have active membership to provide you services in Canada. In Canada, only licensed providers are eligible to work in the immigration field. They have completed intensive education and are experienced in handling cases. Mipathia is keeping you safe when dealing with service providers. We do not accept scammers or “Ghost Consultants” that abuse people who want to immigrate.

Profile Builder

Mipathia is a platform that assesses your information to produce recommendations for your immigration needs. The more accurate you are in building your profile, the better the assessment tool works. Eligibility for immigration depends on your background information, like age, work experience and education. If you provide accurate information in your profile, you will be able to see which program works best for you.


Job Search by Mipathia is a comprehensive search tool where individuals worldwide can easily apply for jobs in Canada that are specifically looking for foreign workers. Using your profile as a resume, Mipathia can showcase your past work experience, education and other necessary information to employers. Once your profile is filled out, it’s as easy as clicking a button to apply for as many jobs as you’d like.

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