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Recruit and Hire Skilled Workers

Every month thousands of foreign workers use Mipathia to immigrate to Canada from around the world. Connect with in-demand skilled workers that aren’t available in Canada to fulfill your company’s needs with Mipathia!

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Why Choose Mipathia?

People around the world connected to each to each other

Global talent

With over ninety-five percent of our users in the active labour force, you can easily find the right candidate for available positions throughout your company.

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Quality applicants

Mipathia connects you with eligible applicants based on specified filtering criteria, such as location or education, so you can find your ideal candidate!

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Recruitment management

Communicate with prospective candidates directly through our 24/7 built-in live chat and access a statistical dashboard to track applicant trends!

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Unlimited job posts

Post an unlimited number of job openings on Mipathia to fulfill all open positions in your company.

How Does Mipathia Work?

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Build your profile

Sign up and create a company profile with important information, such as location and years in business, to impress potential applicants.

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Post jobs

Provide information and requirements such as education and past work experience to find your ideal candidates! Our worldwide users can view the jobs directly through their accounts.

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Connect with candidates

By using Mipathia, you’re receiving qualified leads that match your specified criteria! Use our 24/7 live chat to contact prospects directly.

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Receive support

Licensed consultants and lawyers on Mipathia can help you throughout the LMIA process to ensure your candidates have a quick and successful immigration experience.

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Mipathia is More Than Another Job Network

Mipathia Other job networks
Market International! Access global talent. Limited to North America.
Employment segments All skills! Includes low-skill and trade jobs. Focused on high salary and highly-skilled jobs.
Recruitment support Filter applicants so only qualified candidates can apply to your posts. No filtering. Employers need to filter through candidates manually.
24/7 live chat Yes!
Chat with qualified leads directly on Mipathia.
Often have to connect with candidates via email.
Featured jobs Yes!
Sponsor one of your job postings for up to 30 days.
Dependent on the job network
Notifications Yes!
Qualified leads receive a notification if your job post matches their qualifications.
Dependent on the job network
Number of active job-posts Unlimited! Limited.
Can often only have 1-2 active posts.
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Discover Foreign Skilled Workers on Mipathia

Looking for skilled workers, but having trouble finding them through traditional job-search methods and need to start looking abroad? With over ninety-five percent of our users in the active-labour force, it’s never been easier to find global talent!

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