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Discover Thousands of Potential Clients Worldwide

Expand your global reach and connect with thousands of monthly users as an immigration consultant, lawyer or agent on Mipathia. Focus your time on converting leads into clients and we’ll do the rest!

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Why Choose Mipathia?

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Global recognition

With a global online presence across multi-media channels, marketing support and promotional activities, using Mipathia will expose your services to international markets and other immigration professionals.

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Customer acquisition

Our innovative system assesses applicant eligibility across dozens of immigration programs and connects you with potential clients from day one. With additional features, such as designated jobs and schools, you can also help applicants improve their immigration scores!

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Customer management

Effectively communicate with your clients through Mipathia’s built-in live chat system. You can also learn helpful customer-insights and trends through our statistical dashboard.

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Peace of mind

With 24/7 support, a secured network and zero commission fees you can ensure Mipathia always has your best interest at heart.

How Does Mipathia Work?

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Build your profile

Sign up and create a professional profile where you can provide information such as your license and working hours to provide customers with an impressive view of your business.

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Connect with prospects

Prospective clients can find you based on your set preferences. You can also use Mipathia’s filtering feature to discover your ideal client based on criteria such as eligible immigration streams, work experience and language.

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Assist your clients

The higher the eligibility score, the more likely a client will become yours! Utilize our partners, such as post-secondary institutions and recruiters, to help improve your clients score.

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Stay updated

We’ll keep you up to date with the latest immigration policies, news and user trends to help you make insightful decisions.

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Ready to Find Qualified Clients on Mipathia?

By using Mipathia, you receive qualified leads, so you can easily discover who is eligible to immigrate to Canada. With over 300,000 new immigrants settling in Canada every year, there are thousands of opportunities to connect!

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