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Connect with International Students Coming to Canada

Increase your global presence and reach thousands of qualified students with Mipathia! Over ninety percent of our current users reside in countries where there are large numbers of students looking to study abroad, such as India and China.

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Why Choose Mipathia?

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Global reach

Connect with students from the countries of your choosing! Use Mipathia to promote your school and study programs while also communicating directly with prospective students worldwide.

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Quality applicants

Our extensive user network allows you to access quality and diverse applicants! Based on criteria you set, Mipathia filters out applicants so only qualified students can apply to your school; you may even select to only receive applications from countries with a higher success rate in the immigration process.

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Recruitment management

Communicate directly with prospective students through our built-in live chat while also analyzing relevant data and trends on your statistical dashboard to make better recruitment decisions.

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Zero commission

Enjoy zero commission and 24/7 support from Mipathia! We help schools reduce acquisition costs and time spent filtering applications.

How Does Mipathia Work?

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Build your profile

Sign-up, and create a profile for your school! You can also set recruitment criteria such as country of residence, age, language and past education.

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Promote school and programs

Upload study programs from your institution on Mipathia! Students worldwide can access institution pages and apply for study programs directly from their accounts.

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Connect with students

On Mipathia, we only send you qualified leads that match your predetermined criteria! Use our 24/7 live chat to contact international students directly.

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Receive support

To prepare students for a quick and successful immigration journey, connect with a licensed consultant or lawyer on Mipathia!

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The Impact of International Students in Canada


The annual contribution to Canada’s economy from international students


Of international students in Canada come from India and China


Source country for international students is India

We Do More Than Recruit International Students

Mipathia Other recruitment agencies
Market International! Access students globally. Limited to specific countries
Student segments All programs and degree levels! Includes diplomas and certificates. Focus on traditional, 4-year post-secondary education.
Recruitment support Filter applicants so only qualified students can apply to your posts. No filtering. Schools need to filter through candidates manually.
24/7 live chat Yes! Chat with qualified leads directly on Mipathia. No. Often have to connect with candidates via email.
Featured programs Yes! Sponsor one of your program postings for up to 30 days. No. Only receive updates for programs you have already applied to.
Notifications Yes! Qualified leads receive a notification if your program post matches their qualifications. No. Only receive updates for programs you have already applied to.
PGWP availability Yes! Easily state if a program is eligible for a PGWP. Dependent on the recruitment agency.
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Ready to Connect with Prospective Students?

At Mipathia, we connect students with leading institutions throughout Canada to increase student diversity and help you find qualified leads. Start promoting your school to thousands of international students worldwide, today!

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